Welcome to North –Tramo Senior High School!

Are you an upcoming senior high school student?  Have you decided what academic track to take?

Pasay City Noth High School – Tramo Campus now offers courses for Senior High School. It offers Humanity and Social Sciences (HUMSS) where you can learn mainly on arts and philosophy; Accountancy and Business Management (ABM) that deals with Accounting and Economics; Bread and Pastry – Gr. 11; food and beverages – Gr. 11 and 12; Barbering – Gr. 11 and 12; Consumer electronics – Gr. 11 and 12; Computer Programming – Gr. 11; and Technical Drafting – Gr. 12.

Mr. Nunilon L. Moreno, school principal II, and Mrs. Rosa R. Alferez, Assistant School Principal II made sure that the school is ready to cater students’ needs on the said courses by providing the appropriate facilities and equipment as well as the quality education needed.

What makes it more exciting is that it is all FREE! You don’t need to pay anything for your last two years in High School, with the student – friendly and professional teachers who are waiting for you!

Come and Join us now! Be one of US!