Pasay City North High School was formerly the Philippine Air Force College of Aeronotics (PAFCA) High School Department which was located in Nichols Air Base, now Villamor Air Base Pasay, Metro Manila.

          In 1996, Basa Air Base Community College with its High School Department first existed in Florida Blanca, Pampanga. It was a semi-private institution catering military dependents and personnel.

          In 1968, it was converted to Basa Air Base College. From there, it branched out in Villamor Air Base-Pasay, Mactan Air Base, City of Cebu and Sangley Point –Cavite and Fernando Air Base in Lipa City.

          In 1977, by virtue of PD 1078, Basa Air Base College was converted to Philippine Air Force College.

          In 1998, PAFCA-High School Department was integrated to National Roll-DECS by virtue of RA 6655. 

          In 1990, the school was renamed Pasay City North High School; Main Campus is located at M. Dela Cruz Campus Pasay City. It has three Annexes.

                    1. PCNHS – Basa Annex, Basa Air Base, Florida Blanca, Pampanga

                    2. PCNHS – Mactan Annex, Mactan Air Base, Cebu City

                    3. PCNHS – Tramo Street, Pasay City

Geographical Background

          The Pasay City North High School Tramo Campus is located at Tramo St., Pasay City. It is bounded by different barangays, on the north- Brgy. 54; on the south and east – Brgy.  57; on the west- Brgy. 56.

Economical Background

           The landmark of the school is the Epifanio Delos Santos Elementary School (EDSES) situated beside it. The school is essentially surrounded by sari-sari stores. Plenty of internet stalls are also found within the vicinity.

           More than seventy-five percent (75%) of the student population are residents of Pasay while the rest are the neighboring cities like Manila, Makati, Paranaque, Taguig, and even Cavite.

Demographical Background

           The place where the school is located is densely populated area in Pasay considering that many of its students reside along the side of the creek (Tripa de Gallena) and some are residing in Makati and Manila.

Socio-cultural Background

          The community where the school is located has the same beliefs and traditions of other communities in the City of Pasay. The fiesta is celebrated every third Sunday of May in honor of Sta. Clara de Montefalco of Barangay 56 and 57 Zone 7, while Barangay 54’s fiesta is celebrated every third Sunday of October in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.

       The school was built under the leadership of late Mayor Jovito O. Claudio in 1997. Thus the first 4-storey building, comprising of 32 rooms and a gymnasium on the fourth floor, was erected and named after him – Caludio Building or CB. After his term, late Mayor Wenceslao B. Trinidad continued to extend full support to the Department of Education, Division of Pasay. During his term,  a 4-storey building with 16 rooms was constructed adjacent to Claudio Building. Two years after, a 3-storey building was again built, known as the TLE Building.