The Joint Voucher Delivery Program is annually provided to Public Senior High Schools- TechVoc Track students as an assistance in enriching the learning skills due to limited facilities in most of the schools in the country. The Orientation of parents and students of Pasay City National High School (PCNHS) about JDVP happened on January 8, 2021 with sessions via google meet. This was attended by Dr. Renato B. Mesada, PSDS, Mr. Sonny J. Adriano, Principal, Ms. Rosa R. Alferez (Asst. Principal), Subject Group Heads, Teachers, Students, Parents, and Technical Vocational Institution (TVI) partners. The School Principal Mr. Sonny J. Adriano, on his opening remarks lauded the schools initiative of the activity. He also highlighted the significance of this activity to the agenda of the Department of Education (DepEd). The participants were also provided with relevant discussions as the orientation proper was delivered by Ms. Rosa R. Alferez, Assistant School Principal, talked about the aim and objectives of JDVP to students and its benefit to the whole community. The three representatives from TVI partners gave engaging introduction and familiarization with the current programs offered by their institution. Mr. Jorlex Soldivilla, AC Manager (SMI), took down memory lane of the journey of previous JDVP students from PCNHS. Mr. Noel Dumaguit, Vice President and COO (MFI), presented the objective and targets of the institution anchored to the programs of the DepEd. Lastly, Mr. Kimberly Malate, SHS Director (APC), elaborated the various programs of their institutions and its internationally acclaimed success. After all the TVI partners’ discussion, an open forum was implemented to cater questions from all the participants. The readiness of each institutions has been served in the table so as to ensure that they are 100% ready to accept the students and implement the programs. The engagement came to close with a message from Mr. Efraim C. Fernando, SGH-TVL which paved an inspiration to students by providing proof of success from previous students who participated in the JDVP.     

                                                                                                                                                             Efraim C. Fernando

                                                                                                                                                             MT II, SGH-TVL